Nigel Pizzini

Parenting to develop confident kids

RAISING SUCCESSFUL KIDS I talked to 70 parents who raised highly successful kids—here are the 4 hard parenting rules that make them different Published Sat, Jun 11 202210:30 AM EDT Source: Margot Machol Bisnow, Contributor SHAREShare Article via FacebookShare Article via TwitterShare Article via LinkedInShare Article via Email d3sign | Getty What is a …

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What is Counselling Anyway? How can it help?

Here in New Zealand, the national professional association for counsellors is NZAC (New Zealand Association of Counsellors).  As a professional body, it vets applications for membership against a rigorous professional standard.  Anyone looking for a competant, professiona counsellor can reasonably assume that a NZAC member will have a high level of training, be professionally competant …

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Wardrobe wars

Whether it’s clothes, electronics, make-up or music, teenagers can be extremely territorial about their stuff, leading to spectacular bust-ups over who raided whose wardrobe or didn’t return something that they borrowed, and didn’t even have permission to borrow in the first place. As the parent you can: mediate endlessly,   lose your patience, or encourage …

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