Nigel Pizzini

What is Counselling Anyway? How can it help?

Here in New Zealand, the national professional association for counsellors is NZAC (New Zealand Association of Counsellors).  As a professional body, it vets applications for membership against a rigorous professional standard.  Anyone looking for a competant, professiona counsellor can reasonably assume that a NZAC member will have a high level of training, be professionally competant …

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Wardrobe wars

Whether it’s clothes, electronics, make-up or music, teenagers can be extremely territorial about their stuff, leading to spectacular bust-ups over who raided whose wardrobe or didn’t return something that they borrowed, and didn’t even have permission to borrow in the first place. As the parent you can: mediate endlessly,   lose your patience, or encourage …

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Take the ‘fight’ out of your voice

It’s easy to get into conflict with our kids. They ignore us, we raise our voices, they fight back etc. We, the big people, need to be strong, loving, flexible and available. And that might mean we need to take responsibility for our own frustrations, irritations or impatience rather than projecting it onto our kids …

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