Understanding Ourselves

What is Counselling Anyway? How can it help?

Here in New Zealand, the national professional association for counsellors is NZAC (New Zealand Association of Counsellors).  As a professional body, it vets applications for membership against a rigorous professional standard.  Anyone looking for a competant, professiona counsellor can reasonably assume that a NZAC member will have a high level of training, be professionally competant …

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Six Strategies to Boost Self-Worth

Children and ‘self-esteem’ is heard regularly in the media, however self-efficacy is the term used in psychology and refers to a person’s belief in his/her own competence. It has nothing to do with being boastful or proud, rather having a healthy view of one’s own characteristics or abilities and what one can offer the world. …

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What are you saying when you call someone “needy”? In one of my favorite movies, “What about Bob?”, Bill Murray plays the role of Bob. Bob is obsessed with getting help from his therapist (Richard Dreyfus). There is a scene in which Bob pleads with his therapist: “I need, I need, I need. Give me, …

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