What is Counselling Anyway? How can it help?

Here in New Zealand, the national professional association for counsellors is NZAC (New Zealand Association of Counsellors).  As a professional body, it vets applications for membership against a rigorous professional standard.  Anyone looking for a competant, professiona counsellor can reasonably assume that a NZAC member will have a high level of training, be professionally competant and offer a safe, confidential and ethical counselling practice.   Like the Master Builders Association, look for NZAC after a counsellors creditials to enure you are getting the best!

Counselling helps you explore and manage your emotions, thoughts and behaviour. It can help you plan and set goals and improve your relationships.

Counselling assists you to address challenges in your life, get to know yourself better and to develop new ways of thinking and living.

Counselling helps with anxiety, depression, grief and loss, life changes and stress, relationships with family, friends and work colleagues, trauma, abuse and bullying, domestic and sexual violence.

It works best when you’re ready to participate and when you and your counsellor are clear and realistic about your therapy goals.

It can feel a little uncomfortable at first while you’re getting to know your counsellor.

However, most people say they feel relieved to have started the process and to be able to talk freely with someone neutral and non-judgemental.

Talk to a counsellor in your area about what you want to achieve.

I was first made a full member of NZAC in 1997 and have contributed to the professional association in a range of ways over the years.  As an Auckland based counsellor I am very interested to meet with you and explore what you want to achieve.  Use the “contact me” link to be in touch.

Nigel Pizzini (NZAC)