Specialist Counselling for Boys, Teens, Young Men and Families

Through my broad counselling experience, on-going professional development and initial training, I have developed numerous skills and abilities in the following areas:

  • One-to-one Counselling: Individual, couple, family or small group settings
  • Crisis Support and Critical Incident Debriefing: For families, schools, workplaces and corporate environments
  • Assessment and Evaluation: Drug and Alcohol use, Violence and Safety, Suicide, self-harm and other “at risk” issues
  • Supervision: Clinical support and supervision for counsellors, social workers and people managers
  • Training: Presenting learning modules that develop counselling skills, use of Narrative Therapy ideas, Compassionate Communication (NVC), and effective engagement with boys and adolescents
  • Workshops: A wide range of wellness topics including: Stress, Depression, Coping with Change, Colleague Relationships, Team Leadership, H.R. Support, Resolving Conflict, and Parenting to name some examples
  • Gender and Sexuality: Specialist workshops to raise awareness, increase understanding, deconstruct taken-for-granted norms, diversity training, dispelling heteronormativity and sexual harassment/discrimination, also understanding trans and gender bending, etc.
  • Mediation: Working towards understanding and agreement between disputing parties 
  • Consultation: I can share my knowledge and experience for a range of applications, including policy development, course construction, audits of practice, etc.

Most of my day-to-day work sees me sitting alongside individuals, couples, families or groups of concerned people working through matters that are troubling them or developing the change they want in their life.