Dealing with Prickly Teens

In many ways I experience parenting as “a long letting go”… as my child grows older, I find mysel ever so slowly having to let go more and more of making decisions for her, being in charge of her where-abouts, and filtering what she is exposed to.  As children get older they move into more self-directedness, self-determination, and being guided by their own ideas and will…

Our job as parents reverts to one of a guide, mentor, consultant, advisor….. or we get shut out and experienced by our teenager as irrelevant, “not understanding” or just “kill-joys”!   In my counseling practice with families and parents, this is often an aspect of the work we do together… Redrawing the lines and decision making processes parents and teens have within their dynamic.

The link below takes you to an article that briefly outlines five useful aspects to keep in mind when struggling with the frustation of trying to parent a teen ager.  It offers tips and suggestions for each, and timely reminders to keep perspective ourselves.  

Five methods explored are: Understanding Why Your Teenager is Moody, Redirecting Negative Behavior, Offering Positive Support, Taking Care of Yourself, and Noting Warning Signs of More Serious Problems