Wardrobe wars

Whether it’s clothes, electronics, make-up or music, teenagers can be extremely territorial about their stuff, leading to spectacular bust-ups over who raided whose wardrobe or didn’t return something that they borrowed, and didn’t even have permission to borrow in the first place. As the parent you can: mediate endlessly,   lose your patience, or encourage …

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Grunts and Eye Rolls, Finding a Better Way to Communicate

Sometimes it can be very frustrating communicating with an adolescent. The old saying “It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it” is particularly relevant when dealing with adolescents. Not only are they undergoing huge personal physical, social, psychological and emotional change, but communication patterns are also undergoing a transformation. This is NOT the …

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Feeding your worries

Two identical plants, grown in conditions that are otherwise equal, will wither or flourish depending on how much they are watered. Worries can be much the same. If your child tends to dwell on thoughts like “What if we get lost?”, or “I won’t know the right answer when the teacher asks and I’ll be …

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