Professional Articles

You will find here a number of articles from various places about topics including mental health, personal wellbeing, young people, parenting, men, counselling, and more. It’s a broad mix that will continue to grow.

Supervision intro
A brief account of some ideas and understandings that underpin Nigel’s approach to offering clinical supervision.


Revealed: the science behind teenage laziness
An article printed in the Telegraph newspaper in the UK reporting on the work of Neuroscientist Sarah-Jayne Blakemore, at the University College London Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience.


Teaching Fairness to your Kids
This short article comes from a parent’s blog with a great graphic that illustrates the difference between “Equal” and “Fair”.

Parent Tips for Raising Caring Kids
Coming from a research project at the Harvard Graduate School of Education this set of guidelines suggests and inspires things parents can do to raise caring, respectful, and ethical children. It includes tips and practical suggestions to try.  

Helpful Sites: There are many helpful sites for advice and information on teenage issues.

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Help for Parents:

Parents can also contact Youthline at 376 6633 or via mail




Personal Wellbeing

Resource material

Why We Cry
An interesting article that challenges the idea that catharsis (emotional release) is needed. Instead the authors suggest crying is the body’s response to a sudden shift in energy (from tension, fear or other heightened state to calm, safety or relaxation). 


Resource material

Depression Fact Sheet
A useful description of symptoms, and ideas for combating depression compiled from a variety of sources. Includes contact details for further help.

Getting the Sleep You Need
Tips and ideas to support improving sleep. From “the Low Down” website.