When No doesn’t really mean No

While there is lots of value in limitiing the number of times you say “No”, there are always times when you need. The way you say “No” makes a big difference to the atmosphere and level of cooperation in your home. “Yes you can, as soon as you’ve tidied up”, or “Sure, straight after dinner” are both ‘no’, but framed positively. This lets kids know what you expect and also gives them something to look forward to, rather than building resentment.

When ‘NO’ has become your most common response, you might find that what you’re really trying to communicate is “I’m tired”, “You never do what I ask”, or even “I just want a minute’s peace!!” If that’s true for you, try to address the real problem so you can respond more positively to the next request.

Source: Hot Tip from The Parenting Place