Needs List

An easily printable list of base needs from the work of Marshall Rosenberg (founder of NVC). Use this list to reflect on what you are needing in a situation. Your feelings will be pointing you to one or more of these. Pay attention to them and share what you notice with those in relationship with you.

The Family Court

The Family Court aims, wherever possible, to help people sort out their relationship problems by way of counselling, conciliation and mediation. They can help with interpersonal relationship issues, custody or access agreements, and more.

Children with Special Health Needs

Through a network of regional groups and trained volunteer Support Parents, Parent to Parent provides information and emotional support to families who have a child with a disability, special need or health impairment.

Family Services Directory

The Family Services Directory lists organisations by geographic area that can provide support to parents and families. The services cover parenting, addiction, education, health, mental health, employment, family violence, legal rights.

Miscarriage Support

Miscarriage Support Auckland Inc. is a group of women volunteers who have all experienced the loss of their our own babies and would like to provide emotional support and information for women and their families during and after miscarriage and subsequent pregnancies.

Essentially Men

For over 20 years Essentially Men has been providing high quality, effective personal development workshops for NZ men. Created and founded by Rex McCann EM now offers a range of workshops and powerful experiences including PATHWAYS TO MANHOOD, a specialist right-of-passage program for 14-16 year olds.

Feelings List

A one-page printable list of feelings from the work of Marshall Rosenberg (Founder of NVC). Use this to help reflect on what’s going on for you. What do you feel? These feelings are pointing you to needs that are important to you.

Toolbox Parenting Courses

These are fantastic short courses held near you. Engaging, fun, informative and creating a community of support and ideas around the challenges and demands of parenting. Check the location tab for a Toolbox near you (pre-school, middle years, or teens)

The Parenting Place

A New Zealand organisation founded by Ian Grant (of TV “The Herd” fame). Lots of ideas, books, workshops and on-line videos to encourage, inspire and support great parenting and loving families.

Peaceful Parenting

Genevieve Simperingham offers seminars, courses, teleseminars and parent coaching for parents and professional development for teachers.