Understanding tantrums

The strength of emotion that erupts from an upset preschooler can be overwhelming, both for your child and for you. Often that emotion is accompanied by tricky behaviour. Lashing out (with limbs and words) is common, and a distressed parent can often find it difficult to distinguish between the feelings the child is experiencing and the (unacceptable) actions that have come along for the ride. 

It is never acceptable for a child to hit or speak disrespectfully, but work on this behaviour when some of the heat has gone out of the situation. If your child is overwhelmed and in a raging tantrum but is not hurting anyone or anything, help them calm down by staying close and offering support (having a guess at their feelings can help them name it for themselves, and conveys empathy and understanding).  

Being angry or frustrated is not “misbehaving”; it’s your child learning to manage big feelings.

Source: Hot Tip from The Parenting Place