Guarding your good mood

One of the toughest things about being a parent is staying calm while everyone else is stressed. When family members are loud, angry, or upset, it can be very tempting to join the party. What started out as a great day can be in tatters by the end of breakfast if you don’t learn how to guard your own good mood.

Just like when you’re on a plane and told to get your own oxygen mask ready before you help your child, a parent who doesn’t get relaxed, confident and calm before trying to help others, will be no use to anyone. When you feel the tension rising, remember your good mood is the most valuable tool you have. It creates an atmosphere where family members can think and respond rationally. What do you do to maintain your own calmness? How can your “good mood” be unaffected by the reactions, upsets or tantrums around you? 

Source: Hot Tip from The Parenting Place