Teen dating

Even though your teen is on the way to adulthood, you still want to know they’re making good choices about who they hang out with and, even more so, the people they date. Tread carefully – we can’t make these choices for them and if they feel judged or controlled they will just keep us out of such considerations – when teens sniff out parental pressure or interference they feel even less inclined to take our point of view on board.

Try instead to help them think their own choices through fully. Ask questions like: “What do you like about spending time with him/her?”, and “Does he/she make it easy or difficult for you to see your other friends and do the sports and activities you love?”. Try not to pass judgment, just keep asking the right questions at the right time (if you’re unsure what you’re asking is the “right” question or time take careful note of the reaction you get!).

Source: Hot Tip from The Parenting Place